The “Sponsor-A-Dream” program makes it easy for anyone to provide the necessary equipment, sports attire, footwear and program fees to help a girl in need engage in sports, recreation and physical activities.

Here's how it works: Girls in need, and the programs' that serve them in Massachusetts, request equipment, sports attire, sneakers and program fees through Dream Big! on-line Equipment Grants and Program Scholarships. Requests range from sneakers for a basketball player, to uniforms for a team, to gym equipment for a P.E. Class to program fees for a dance, exercise or sports program.

Below you will find a list of current Dream Big! requests from girls in need. You can browse the requests by number and agree to pay for the item, donate the item or donate any dollar amount to the request that inspires you to get a girl or group of girls active. Once a request reaches its funding goal, and/or someone donates the item, we deliver the item(s) to the girl or program leader.

At Dream Big! every donation helps a girl in need get one step closer to living a healthy active lifestyle. Please Sponsor-A-Dream today and get a girl moving!

Current Dream Big! Requests

1) Women's Basketballs
2) Gift Certificates for Sporting Goods Stores
3) Gift Certificates for Amazon
4) Softball Gloves
5) Running Sneakers
6) Bicycles
7) 28.5 Basketballs
8) $250 Program Fee
9) $500 College Showcase Scholarship

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