Individual and Family Donors

We are proud to be associated with the following distinguished and caring families and individuals, who, through their generosity, have assisted us in providing the basic items and fees needed to enable girls from low-income situations to participate in sports and physically actives.

$25,000+ Dream Big! All Star Team

Betsy & Craig Morrison
Sarah & Mark Williamson
Christina Gordon

$10,000+ Dream Big! All Star Team

Ami & Will Danoff
The Gordon Family Foundation
Kate Moran & The Moran Family Foundation
Martina & Tom Thimot
Steven & Ellen Segal Family Fund

$5000+ Dream Big! All Star Team

Suzanne Bandanza
Linda Driscoll - In Honor of Robert & Frances Driscoll
April & Michael Joyce
Kelly Gallagher
Laura Lang
M.C. McBain
Lauren Pacella
Gen & Jared Padalecki
Erin Russ

$2500-$4999 2022-2024 Dream Big! Circle of CHAMPIONS

Martin Adomat
Jess Anselni
Connie Bauman
Jerry Kelley & Family
Jimmy & Lee Fallon
Teri & John Gallant
The King Family
Matt & Karen Putvinski

$1000-$2499 2021-2023 Dream Big! Circle of CHAMPIONS

Rachel Adomat
James Cassin Reed
Carolyn Campbell-McGovern
David Druley
Paul's Friends Charitable Trust
Edward Gonzalez
Arthur Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Kimberly Cohen
Lawrence DeAngelo
Leif King
Leslie Shockey
Mark Kristoff
Mary Venuti
Matthew Henschel
Maura Shaughnessy
Michelle Mayer
Stephanie McLaughlin
Noel O'Neill

$100-$999 Dream Big! All Stars

Alexandria Adomat
Ronald Alexander
Ann & Justin Bullion on behalf of Ellie Bullion
Kerry Botticelli
Kendra Butters
Michael & Maureen Champa
Anne Connelly
Alison Coubrough-Argentieri
Pam Crum
Susan Dooley
James & Norellee Fallon
Elaine & Patrick Fox
James & Tina Furdon
Lisa Marie Gagnon
Gilbert & Catherine Gallant
Grace Gelson
Matt Henschel
Barbara Herbst
Grace Hoffman
Sam Kapreilian
Tammy Kim
Jennifer Lee
Scott Lopez
Christine Manfredi-In honor of Steve & Chris Manfredi
Celine Messer - "In Honor of Kathy Dooley"
Kelley Murphy
Mark Paylor
Nicole Pratt
Tim Ritchie
Roberts Family Foundation
Wilma Ronco
Erin Russ
Robin Schell
Amanda Shipley
Penny Shockett
Edwin Smith
George & Margaret Stevens
Diane Wilcox

Dream Big! Sports Gala & Auction In-Kind Donors 2023:

  • Jim Furdon, Brookside Entertainment
  • Laura Lang & Rich Pyatt
  • Charles Hotel
  • Colleen & Rich McKenna
  • Zulu Nyala
  • John Gallant
  • Betsy & Craig Morrison
  • Donna Driscoll
  • Linda Driscoll
  • Suzie Winchester
  • James Fallon
  • Juliana Taymor